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Monday, June 29, 2009

Episode 50: Zim Tron For President

SEASON PREMIERE!! - Has Captain Putch flipped his lid... AGAIN?! Zim Tron & Sphinx seem to think so, and they think it's time for a change! Could it be mutiny?! Meanwhile, Kika, Boffin & Trevor take it upon themselves to explore the depths of Dr Octigus' Lab! When they discover the Wishing Well in stasis, one of them takes it upon himself to start making wishes! Will the result prove disastrous for the Botz?! Tune into the ALL-NEW 5th Season Premiere episode - #50 "Zim Tron For President"!!

Featured in the cast (in order of appearance): Joe Thomas (Putch), Shane Harris (Boffin), Dave Weaver (P2), Elie Hirschman (GD), Jeff Niles (Zim Tron), Jim Barbour (Sphinx), David Ault (Trevor & Zipper), Sally Wiget (Squeak), Steve Anderson (Computer), Wayne Heyward (Dave the Tree), Captain John Tadrzak (Payload), Dani Cutler (Kika) Jonithan Patrick Russell (The Wishing Well & Happy), and Darrell Looney (Popsicle).

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