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Robotz of the Company is Dream Realm Enterprises' Original Comedy Series about the wacky antics of a motley crew of mechanized toasters, drain cleaners, deck sweepers & ice picks. Visit DRE at www.dregold.net

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Episode 004: Rebel Without A Clue

Robotz of the Company Season 1- Revisited!

What happens when Zim Tron tries to put his new hands to the task of "fixing" Brisco? Will the experience turn the fun-loving little scamp into a mutineer?! Will Putch lose his mind as a result?! Could it be time for some professional help! Or is it already too late?!

ROTC #4 "Rebel Without A Clue" was written by Jonithan Patrick Russell, and stars (in order of appearance): Kyle Borcz (Brisco), Jeff Niles (Zim Tron), Joe Thomas (Putch), Kae Woo (Bin Wipe), and Jonithan Patrick Russell (Dr TwoTone Handcrank).

Download Episode 4: Rebel Without A Clue


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