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Robotz of the Company is Dream Realm Enterprises' Original Comedy Series about the wacky antics of a motley crew of mechanized toasters, drain cleaners, deck sweepers & ice picks. Visit DRE at www.dregold.net

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Episode 59: "The League of Evil Botz" - Part 3

It's now or never for Dr Filbot's dastardly Santicon Day Plan! But without his 13th member could it all be doomed?! And can Putch, Happy, and Squeak learn what the strange anomaly off the bow of the Titan 2 really is?! Could it be the answer to all their hopes?! Tune in to find out!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Episode 58: "The League of Evil Botz" - Part 2

Dr Filbot's great holiday scheme runs into a hiccup as his thirteenth member seems to be missing! Who is this mysterious, amazingly evil missing member? We may never know! Meanwhile, things are going nowhere fast aboard the Titan 2 for Captain James. Will he ever get anything intelligent or intelligible out of the ship's schizophrenic computer? Does Happy have all the answers?! You'll just have to tune into "The League of Evil Botz" Part Two to find out!

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Episode 57: The League of Evil Botz - Part 1

It's the festive time of year again, and Dr Filbot isn't very jolly about it! What's his solution? To bring together all the greatest Bot Villains in the known galaxy! But can they actually get organized enough to do anything about the Santicon Season? What, if anything, can Captain James do aboard the Titan 2? Especially considering he's still having trouble getting anything intelligent out of his onboard computer. Can all his problems really be solved by Happy the hapless pilot? Or will all his problems be solved by the return of a certain little scamp we all know and love? And what about that Season 5 cliffhanger? We're so over it, but what about YOU the audience?! You'll just have to tune in to learn more!

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Episode 56: Insurrection on the Botnik - Part 2

It's the Season Finale' of Robotz of the Company! Things just get weirder for Captain James as the Titan 2 Computer goes completely bonkers! Meanwhile, Brick Jammer, Duke Mikado, and Excelsior begin their insurrection aboard the Botnik by trying to blow EVERYBODY to smithereens! Will their efforts allow them to reach their lofty goals? Or will it simply backfire on them? It's the last regular episode for the Botz, so you better tune in to find out how it all works out! Or else! We know where you live! Well, that's not strictly true, but we still think you should tune in! Don't miss it!!

Written by Vince Stadon, and featured in the cast (in order of appearance): Shane Harris (Boffin), Steve Anderson (Captain James), David Ault (the Titan 2 Computer), Jeff Niles (Derrick), Jonithan Patrick Russell (Chongo), Teg Gray (Excelsior), Shane Harris (Brick Jammer), Kat Waterflame (Duke), Jim Barbour (Expositron 1), Elie Hirschman (Expositron 2), Dave Weaver (P2), Darrell Looney (Popsicle), Sally Wiget (Squeak), Jim Barbour (Sphinx), Cookie Colletti (Ruby Redsmoke), Jeff Niles (Zim Tron), Kae Woo (Shin Wipe), Joe J. Thomas (Putch), Jonithan Patrick Russell (Bruiser), Dani Cutler (Kika), Kim Russsell (Captain Lula Belle), Jonithan Patrick Russell (Happy), and Abner Senires (Dr Octigus)!

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Episode 55: Insurrection on the Botnik - Part 1

It's Mayhem onboard the Botnik as the crew prepare for their insurrection against Captain Lula Belle! Meanwhile, things are getting a bit crazy for Captain James aboard the Titan 2 as the new Computer starts to show signs that it may be losing it! Can a terrifying white flag save the day? Or is it curtains for the Robotz of the Company?!

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Episode 54: Return of the Botnik

It's the return of that wacky crew from the Botnik! Captain Lula Belle is having issues with her ship and her crew of misfits! Could a mutiny be in the making? Meanwhile, Captain James isn't fairing much better on the Titan 2 as he continues to have problems from his new ship's Computer! Will Boffin get it repaired in time to save everyone from the threat of the Botnik?!

Direct Download: Episode 54: Return of the Botnik

Episode 53: Termination Day

Zimmy and Sphinx attempt to stay alive as the Enforcer continues its pursuit! Can they rely on help from Shin Wipe and Boffin? Or will it be the end for everyone?! Meanwhile, Mechanto is dead AGAIN! Is there any hope for the poor little guy?

Direct Download: episode 53: Termination Day

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Episode 52: The Enforcer

It's mayhem aboard the Titan 2 as Zim Tron finds himself running for his life when an Enforcer Drone from the future appears onboard to destroy him with extreme prejudice! Will it be the end for ole Zimmy? Or can Sphinx help him out of his desperate predicament?! Tune in to find out!

Direct download: Episode 52: The Enforcer

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Episode 51: Random Wishes

It's Election Day for the Botz! But there are a few random wishes remaining from the Wishing Well. Could that spell disaster for the outcome? Or will it be the miracle the Botz have been waiting for all along? Tune in to find out!!

Featured in the cast (in order of appearance): Joe Thomas (Putch), Jim Barbour (Sphinx), Jeff Niles (Zim Tron), Sally Wiget (Squeak), Shane Harris (Boffin), Dave Weaver (P2), Jonithan Patrick Russell (The Wishing Well), Captain John Tadrzak (Payload), Wayne Heyward (Dave the Tree), David Ault (Trevor & Zipper), and Steve Anderson (Computer).

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