DRE Presents: Robotz of the Company

Robotz of the Company is Dream Realm Enterprises' Original Comedy Series about the wacky antics of a motley crew of mechanized toasters, drain cleaners, deck sweepers & ice picks. Visit DRE at www.dregold.net

Monday, March 23, 2009

ROTC Spring Special: The Missing Bits

The Botz are back!! Yes, it's our All-New (well, practically... well, erm... sorta all new) Spring Special for 2009!

When last we left our heroes, the Titan 1 was plummeting to her doom! Well, our heroes are in that exact same spot! Will they ever get out of it?! Will they even ever actually crash?! And, what's up with the Expositrons? Are they really dead? And if so, are they up above the clouds, or down below in the fiery pit? Download the episode now to find out!

Robotz of the Company Spring Special '09 "The Missing Bits" was written by Jonithan Patrick Russell, and stars (in order of appearance): Kyle Borcz (Brisco), Sally Wiget (Dr Grease Monkey), Dani Cutler (Kika), Elie Hirschman (GD), Kyle Borcz (Button), Abner Senires (Dr Octigus), Shane Harris (Boffin), Steve Anderson (Computer), Kae Woo (Shin Wipe), Joe Thomas (Putch), Jeff Niles (Zim Tron), Elie Hirschman (Expositron 2), Jim Barbour (Expositron 1), and Wayne Heyward (Ominous Voice)!

Direct Download "The Missing Bits"