DRE Presents: Robotz of the Company

Robotz of the Company is Dream Realm Enterprises' Original Comedy Series about the wacky antics of a motley crew of mechanized toasters, drain cleaners, deck sweepers & ice picks. Visit DRE at www.dregold.net

Monday, March 31, 2008

Episode 406: Time and Again

Season 4 finally rolls on with an adventure through time and space for the Botz called "Time and Again" written by Jonithan Patrick Russell! The Botz are off on a chase through time to track down that dastardly villain Dr. Grease Monkey! Will he, she, or IT finally manage to destroy the Titan 1 and its crew of crazy robots?! Or will it all just turn out to be a huge waste of time? Who lives and who dies?! Find out in this All-New misadventure!

Which stars: Joe Thomas (Putch), Sally Wiget (Squeak, Dr. Grease Monkey), Shane Harris (Boffin), Darrell Looney (Popsicle), Kae Woo (Shin Wipe), Jeff Niles (Zim Tron), Kyle Borcz (Brisco), and Elie Hirschman (GD)!

Download Episode 406: Time and Again