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Friday, December 28, 2007

Episode 404: The Santicon Day Mystery

The Botz are back, and they are ready to celebrate the holiday season
in style... however, someone has other plans for Putch and the gang!
How did the Botz get transported to a strange, dark realm where giant
nutcrackers and noises that go "bump!" in the distant darkness taunt
and haunt their every move?! What happens to Putch's crew as they
vanish into thin air one-by-one?! Will Putch be able to cope?! Or will
he meet his end at the hands of an old... eh-hem... FRIEND?! Find out
in this all new holiday episode of ROTC, called "The Santicon Day
Mystery" written by Jonithan Patrick Russell. Which stars: Joe Thomas,
Kyle Borcz, Dani Cutler, Jeff Niles, Jim Barbour, and Darrell Looney!

Download Episode 404: The Santicon Day Mystery


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