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Robotz of the Company is Dream Realm Enterprises' Original Comedy Series about the wacky antics of a motley crew of mechanized toasters, drain cleaners, deck sweepers & ice picks. Visit DRE at www.dregold.net

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Episode 401: Night of the Living Gunk! or Gunkenstein!

It's here! It's here! It's here! It is finally here! Yes, the All-New 4th Season of Robotz of the Company has finally arrived for your listening pleasure, starting with a BRAND NEW special episode just for the Halloween Season!

Episode #401 "Night of the Living Gunk! or Gunkenstein!" written by Vince Stadon, and starring: Kyle Borcz, Kae Woo, Shane Harris, Jonithan Patrick Russell, Dave Weaver, Kat Waterflame, Dani Cutler, Steve Anderson, Jon Morss, Elie Hirschman, Jim Barbour, Jeff Niles, Joe Thomas and Darrell Looney!

An experiment aboard the Titan 1 causes gunk to come to life! Will it be the best night of Brisco's life, or will it be the end of the Robotz of the Company?! Tune in to the 4th Season Premiere to find out!

Download Episode 401: Night of the Living Gunk! or Gunkenstein!


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